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Description Integrating propulsion and control functions, an azimuth thruster can rotate 360 degrees around the vertical steering column, this allows a ship to gain maximum thrust in any direction. The prime mover can be a diesel engine, an electric motor or a hydraulic motor. Both of adjustable pitch and fixed pitch types are available. Power Range: 10 KW to 7,000 KW Propeller Type: single-propeller and twin-propeller Installation Type: deck/well/transom mounted Features Propeller can steer in any direction of 360° above the water level. Propeller can be driven by electric motor, diesel engine and hydraulic motor. The diameter of propeller is up to 3.3 meters. Nozzle is optional. L-drive or Z drive is optional. Fixed or varied pitch is optional. Retractable type is optional. Specifications Application Large tugboat, harbor tug, drilling platform, ocean engineering vessel, FPSO, etc. Arrangement of Azimuth Thruster Propulsion System: Installation Type Certificates of Classification Society Certificates of all 12 classification societies of IACS ( International Association Of Classification Societies ) are available. Our Key Customers References Workshop Total Area: 5,800 square meters Mechanical Processing Equipment: more than 20 sets Rated Loading Capacity of Bridge Crane: 150 metric tons Max. Lifting Height of Bridge Crane: 20 meters No. of Test Stands: 11 sets Independent physical and chemical laboratory Quality inspection capability of mechanical properties and nondestructive flaw detection About Us SJMATEK (Suzhou) Marine Machine Co., Ltd is dedicated to the research, design, installation, commissioning, sea trial and after-sale service of marine propulsion system. Our leading product is main propulsion system (CP & FP), azimuth thruster ( CP & FP) and tunnel thruster (CP & FP).

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