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NANHAI - PNEUMATIC FENDER NanHai produces Yokohama-type fenders to protect ships and facilities. This kind of fenders become the world's leading anti-collision device. Since 2005, we have provided products to customers and distribute in the world. NanHai-Pneumatic Fenders have been in use for around 50 years. They are ideal for permanent and semi-permanent port applications, as well as for offshore ship-to-ship transfers. Our fenders are fastand easy toinstall, keeping suitable clearances between the hull and the jetty or vessels. These fenders playa critical role in the safe operation of ship berthing. THE STRUCTURE OF NANHAI-PNEUMATIC FENDER NanHai-Pneumatic Fenders consists of 3 different layers: the outer rubber layer, the synthetic-cord layer for reinforcement and the inner rubber layer, With the feature of the soft reaction force. They are supplied with two different inside pressure levels to cover a wide performance range. They are manufactured according to ISO 17357-1:2014. Net type pneumatic fenders are fitted with a chain-tyre net. The chain-tyre net consists of used tires that are connected by a network of horizontal and vertical chains, which adds further protection to the fender body. Outer rubber layer Rubber layer that covers the outside of the fender to protect the cord layers and the inner liner rubber from abrasion and other external forces. Synthetic-tyre-cord layer forreinforcement Layer made of synthetic-tyre cordfabric, whichmaintains the internalair pressure of the fender. Inner rubber layer Liner of a rubber membrane thatsealsthepressurized air insidethe fender. MAJOR STRENGTHS OF NANHAI-PNEUMATIC FENDER NanHai-Pneumatic Fender is strictly produced according to ISO17357-1:2014standard and PIANC guideline in NanHai 1. According to: ISO17357-1: 2014 2. Use H.D.G. chain and truck tire net 3. Self-patented safety valve 4. Test Compression over 3000 Times 5. Lower transportation cost, Fender transporte can be folded. Saving 2/3of transportation cost 6. Easy maintenance: our fenders just need inflation once every six months 7. Long lifespan: it is guaranteed that our fenders can be used forover 10 years under normal conditions 8. High safety level: our pneumatic fenders can stand the maximum pressure up to 4 times that of the operating pressure APPLICATION OF NANHAI-PNEUMATIC FENDER 1. Offshore platform 2. In ports with extreme tidal variations 3. Oil and gas tankers 4. Fast ferries and aluminium vessels NANHAI-PNEUMATIC FENDER SPECIFICATION FOR NANHAI BRAND NanHai Brand established since 2003, Own advanced brand effect in the world. we have always focussed on our valued customers and committed to airbags and pneumatic fenders manufacture and R&D. As time moves on, we are continually engrossed in the challenges of this ever changing world. Our commitment to you, our customers, is that we endeavour to provide the best value solutions to your technology problems. During company development history have very famous project case and abundant experience. We look forward to meeting your challenges of the future as a significant supporter of your business. FOR NANHAI QUALIFICATION FAQ 1."I have ships but don't know how to choose the size of marine fenders, can you help me." Answer: Don't worry. We have more than 20 years' experience. Pls tell me information of your ship, we can suggest suitable size for you. 2."I want to try your marine fenders, but I never use it and don't know how to use, can you help me?" Answer: Don't worry. We will send instruction book together with marine fenders. 3."What's your MOQ?" Answer: Our MOQ is 1PC. 4."How about the lifespan of your marine fenders?" Answer: Design

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