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Description of Conical Screw Vacuum Dryer Machine LDG Conical Screw Vacuum Dryer Machine is a high-efficiency vertical type drying equipment that integrates drying, crushing, vacuum decompression, and mixed powder. Its drying efficiency is three to five times the same specification double cone vacuum dryer. This ribbon vacuum dryer machine is used for drying powdery materials in the pharmaceutical, nourishment, nourishment, food, chemical, pesticide, and other industries. The whole process can achieve closed continuous operation. This vacuum drying machine is the preferred equipment for the above industries. Features of Conical Screw Vacuum Dryer Machine 1. The working process of the LDG drying machine uses intermittent operation, after the wet materials enter into the stock bin, through the wall jacket to heat and dry the materials. Transmission shaft heating is also available, which can heat more sufficiently. 2. With an overall sealing system, non-pollution, and high purity, this ribbon vacuum dryer is especially used for mixing and drying pharmaceutical intermediates and crude drugs as well as sterile APIs. 3. This ribbon vacuum drying machine adopts a small-angle taper type tube structure, which makes quick unloading speed, clean, and no accumulations. 4. LDG ribbon vacuum dryer machine possesses compact structure, smooth movement, simple operation, and long service life. Working Principle of Conical Screw Vacuum Dryer Machine LDG series Conical Screw Vacuum Dryer Machine body vertical stationary, internally heated ribbon in a circular motion to enhance the stirring, the material into the drying chamber utilizing a jacket and stirring the material contact with the heating ribbon, ribbon ordered material is agitated, flip, promotion, waterfall drop, so that the material constant contact with the heating chamber wall and forced heat exchange heating volatile solvent is pumped in a vacuum state, so as to achieve rapid drying purposes. Application of Conical Screw Vacuum Dryer Machine Conical Screw Vacuum Dryer Machine can be applied in many fields, especially for the process treatment under closed and controllable environment, such as pharmaceutical chemical industry and additives, unstable extract crystal under air or high temperature, and various pharmaceutical biological processes. Specification of Conical Screw Vacuum Dryer Machine Q: Can I visit your factory? A: Yes. Many domestic and international customers visit our factory every year. Our company is near Shanghai.It only takes you about 1 hour to get to Changzhou. Or we can visit you in Shanghai. Q: What's the quality of your products? A: Parts of our products come with the best quality, We already exported to lots of countries around the world, such as Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Korea, Brazil, Argentina, Russia, South Africa, etc. You can rest assured with the quality absolutely Q: What to do if the machine has a problem? A:24 hours timely response of mail and phone calls. If the parts broken belong to non-artificial factors within 12 months, we offer free replacement. If beyond 12 months, customers should bear the freight back and forth and accessories cost. Q: How long is the warranty of your equipment? A: Our warranty period is one year generally. Q: What is your payment term A: Our usual payment term is: 30% TT in advance, 70% TT before shipment. Other ways can also be received after both sides discuss and agree. Q: Does your price include freight? A: Our usual price is based on FOB Shanghai, if you request CIF, please give us your delivery port, and we will give you the CIF price.

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