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tractor GPS auto steering system Product Introduction tractor auto steering system is a comprehensive system integrating satellite reception, positioning and navigation, and automatic driving.10-inch large-screen on-board computer display, with various functions such as positioning, route planning, operation area trajectory drawing, area calculation, and historical records;Dual-antenna positioning and orientation, using independent and innovative high-precision positioning algorithm, operation accuracy ±2.5cm; rich operation scenarios, suitable for various types of operations such as planting, spraying, fertilizing, and ditching;The system is easy to install, easy to operate, remote one-key assistance, and 7*24 hours service, which brings unprecedented flexibility to the intelligent operation of agricultural machinery. Products Features 1.Large torque to meet various harsh conditions ; 2.High speed, fast line entry to improve work efficiency ; 3.High precision, guarantee the quality of work ; 4.Versatility, suitable for various vehicles ; 5.Easy installation and high stability. Application Agricultural Machinery Autonomous Driving System; Intelligent precision agriculture;Agricultural Machinery Navigation. Equipment List Index parameter

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